Mac DeMarco plays the devil in The Garden’s new ‘Thy Mission’ video

This talk show is not all it seems

Mac DeMarco makes a devilish cameo in The Garden’s new video for the song ‘Thy Mission’.

Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen and Charlie Denis, the video centres on a bizarre talk show called The Vada Vada Show, which is named after The Garden’s ‘vada vada’ philosophy of total freedom of expression. Its smarmy host – played by DeMarco – isn’t all that he seems, and he soon reveals his true colours, to the shock and horror of the studio audience. Watch it here:


‘Thy Mission’, which was released in April, was initially a demo for a future The Garden album. But the neo-punk duo ended up sending DeMarco the track and spending a day in his home studio in Los Angeles to complete it together.

‘Thy Mission’ is The Garden’s latest single following the release of their last album, 2018’s ‘Mirror Might Steal Your Charm’. DeMarco, on the other hand, put out his latest record ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ last month. He made similarly oddball videos for that album as well, like the one for ‘On The Square’.

Tickets for DeMarco’s UK winter tour went on sale earlier this month.