Mac DeMarco praises ‘Stranger Things’ actor Finn Wolfhard’s cover of ‘Salad Days’

Wolfhard plays Mike Wheeler on the hit Netflix show

Mac DeMarco has praised Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard’s cover of ‘Salad Days’, calling the young actor “a really nice dude.”

Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the hit Netflix show, recorded a cover of the title track from DeMarco’s 2014 album back in October, before posting it to his Twitter account.

DeMarco has now given his take on the 14-year-old’s cover, praising Wolfhard’s version of his song.


You know, I liked it and thought that it was great,” DeMarco told Pitchfork. “I have texted with him a little bit, and he’s a really nice dude. It’s pretty wild. I like the show, too. He’s so young!”

NME/Andy Ford

DeMarco also revealed more about the creative process behind his forthcoming new album, ‘This Old Dog’, which he announced yesterday along with the release of two new tracks.

Revealing that he’s recently decamped to Los Angeles following a long stint living and recording in New York, DeMarco said that, much like his other records, ‘This Old Dog’ had been entirely written and recorded on his own.

“Yeah, it’s all me. The only time I had somebody in this time was, my friend Shags [Chamberlain, who’s worked with Ariel Pink and The Avalanches] was here when I was mixing. It was the same as any other time, I guess. The drums are still sloppy. Everything is still sloppy. It’s definitely me playing.

It’s definitely one of those things where the album makes more sense as a whole, a full thing rather than single, single, single,” he continued. “Which was funny, deciding on the singles, but you know. We chose what we chose. Anyway, it’s not up to me to decide.

‘This Old Dog’ will be released on May 5.