Mac Miller’s manager shares touching tribute to late rapper

"It was impossible not to fall in love with the human being he was"

Mac Miller’s former manager has paid an emotional tribute to the late rapper in an obituary.

Christian Clancy, who managed Miller from 2013 until his death in September, described the rapper as a  gifted performer and a “selfless presence” who prioritised establishing a musical legacy instead of attaining a quick brush with fame.

He wrote for The Observer: “Managing Mac was about building a safety net around him – to allow him to be who he wanted to be, to make music that represented who he was without the fear of expectations or need for instant gratification. He had money and success but he craved importance: the ability to show depth, to cement a legacy.”


Mac Miller performs live

Clancy added that before Miller’s drug overdose, he appeared to be in good spirit.

“He was very open about his struggles throughout his career, but he had been fully focused and engaged,” he wrote. “He knew the progress he had made, battling his internal dialogue—it wasn’t easy, but he was doing it and feeling the rewards…. He was happy and in as good a mental state as he had been since we’d known him.”

Concluding the piece, Clancy wrote: “He was a spark to so many people. In a world dominated by ego, he led with the soul and lived by focusing on similarities rather than differences – that’s a lesson we all could use.”