Apple’s new Macbook Pro features a piano app on its interactive keyboard

The new 'Touch Bar' feature on the laptop has made this possible

An interactive piano app for the new Macbook Pro has been released.

The Apple-made laptop, first launched in 2006, released its 13-inch fourth generation model in November (the 15-inch model will be released sometime this month). Its USP is the ‘Touch Bar’: located at the top of the keyboard, it has replaced the usual function keys with an interactive space that can also run a series of apps.

One such instrument-based app is a virtual polyphonic piano, which stretches across this interactive part of the keyboard. Released by Apple for free, ‘Touch Bar Piano’ allows users to play any of 128 instruments on its admittedly-narrow keyboard interface.

Watch a demonstration of the ‘Touch Bar Piano’ on the new Macbook Pro below (via The Fader).

The new laptop also has separate DJ and other music-making controls, while the home studio app Garageband can also be bought separately on the Apple store.

In other recent Apple news, the tech company further delayed the release of its new wireless AirPod earbuds back in November.

The tech company had unveiled a wireless model of its white headphones – together with the controversial headphone jack-free iPhone 7 – at an event in September, but they have still yet to be released, meaning that the product has missed the current holiday shopping season.