The Maccabees bring out Jamie T, Jack Penate, Mystery Jets at final ever gig

An emotional evening

The Maccabees played their final gig as a band last night (July 1).

In August 2016, just over a year after their fourth album ‘Marks To Prove It’ topped the UK charts, the south London five-piece announced they were splitting, later revealing a string of farewell shows in Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and London.

Midway through the band’s farewell tour, guitarist Felix White told Beats 1: “Just because of the fact that it’s the end, it’s alleviated any of the previous tension that used to be around us and around gigs, because we always used to be trying to move somewhere or get better… These have just been a ‘let’s just celebrate how great we are’, letting us think that. It’s been an amazing thing, it’s very emotional.”


Last night, at their third and final show at London’s Alexandra Palace, they brought out guests including Jamie T and Jack Peñate. See clips of those moments below, along with a full setlist.

To close the first part of their set, the band brought out Mystery Jets and Jack Peñate to play on ‘Something Like Happiness’:

As the band opened their four-song encore with ‘Marks To Prove It’ they brought out another guest, Jamie T:


The gig closed with fan-favourite ‘Pelican’ and a shower of confetti:

The Maccabees played:

Wall of Arms
Feel to Follow
William Powers
Young Lions
Love You Better
Precious Time
Can You Give It
Spit It Out
WW1 Portraits
No Kind Words
Forever I’ve Known
Grew Up at Midnight
Something Like Happiness

Marks to Prove It
First Love
Toothpaste Kisses