The Maccabees’ Felix White says the band will ‘go out as they started’ at ’emotional’ final shows

The beloved indie band will play their final shows at London's Alexandra Palace this weekend

The Maccabees‘ Felix White has said the band will “go out the way [they] started” at their last ever shows.

Last summer, the group announced they would be calling it a day following a headline set at Latitude Festival and scoring a Number One album with ‘Marks To Prove It‘.

The band have been performing across the country in the last week, saying goodbye to their fans. They will play their final shows at London’s Alexandra Palace, with the first gig taking place tonight (June 29) and the last ever Maccabees show happening on Saturday (July 1).


Speaking to Beats 1‘s Matt Wilkinson, White said of their plans for Saturday night: “It is going to be mad, and it’s so surreal that I haven’t really considered it yet, but we will be spending quite a lot of time together. We’ll probably be arguing together in soundcheck to be honest with you, true to form. You’ve got to go out as you started.”

He described the shows they band have played so far on their farewell tour as “ridiculous, like really amazing things”. “Just because of the fact that it’s the end, it’s kind of alleviated any of the previous tension that used to be around us and around gigs, because we always used to be trying to move somewhere or get better,” he said. “These have just been a ‘let’s just celebrate how great we are’, letting us think that. It’s been an amazing thing, it’s very emotional.”

Asked if the split meant it was definitely it for The Maccabees, White responded: “I would say so, we haven’t made a film like LCD Soundsystem, put it that way. I would draw a line under it.”

The guitarist, who runs the club night and record label Yala!, also discussed his plans for after the final show. “I’ve decided not to preempt anything and just work it out,” he said. “I thought I was going to have some time off but then I realised that I accidentally booked in a session writing with Jessie Ware, me and Hugo [White, brother and fellow Maccabees guitarist].

“So I’m going to be doing that for a couple of days which will probably be quite good to just get into something, and then I’m personally just going to stop and maybe have a couple of weeks, and just work out what it is instinctively that I feel like is going to be next in life.”


The full interview will air on Beats 1 from 5pm today (June 29). It will then be available to listen again via Apple Music.