Machine Gun Kelly reportedly booed while playing Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil’ on Fall Out Boy tour

The rapper also shared a photo of him in a 'Killshot' t-shirt with fans raising their middle fingers

Machine Gun Kelly was reportedly booed while performing his Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil’ and has been accused of “faking” a photo directed at the star.

The rapper is currently on tour with Fall Out Boy and opened for the band at Orlando’s Amway Center last night (September 17).

Kelly shared a photo on Instagram after the show of him wearing a t-shirt with the artwork for ‘Killshot’ – one of Eminem’s tracks taking aim at him – on it. He and the large crowd can be seen raising their middle fingers, while the caption reads: “He missed.”


Fans in attendance at the show, however, claim they had no idea what was on Kelly’s t-shirt at the time. “He was wearing a jacket when he asked the crowd if they would put up their middle fingers for a picture, he turned around to take the jacket off and they had no idea what shirt he was wearing,” one fan commented on the photo.

“He couldn’t pull a crowd this big, of course they were excited, they were waiting to see the band that they actually paid for!”

Others corroborated that account, with another user writing: “Your shitty rapper was at a fall out boys concert, making everyone take a picture with him without anyone knowing what for or even the shirt he was wearing. As soon as they saw his shirt his ass got boo’d off stage AND HE STILL POSTED THIS PHONY ASS PHOTO.”

“You really are wack lil boy,” someone else added. “You opened for someone bigger than you, used the crowd to diss Em with a photo, then when you revealed the shirt you got BOO’d off the stage. You really are some shit. Obviously KILLSHOT didn’t miss is you doing skirt shit like this. What a clown.”


Fans on Twitter also posted footage of Kelly performing ‘Rap Devil’. Although the sound quality on the clips isn’t great, crowd noise that sounds like booing can be heard in the background. Others have claimed, however, that the footage has been faked. You can watch fan-shot footage above. 

Earlier today (September 18), it was revealed that Eminem and Kelly’s diss tracks were produced by the same person. Ronald Spence Jr, also known as Ronny J, is listed as a writer and producer on ‘The Ringer’, ‘Rap Devil’ and ‘Kamikaze‘ track ‘Not Alike’.