People thought Machine Gun Kelly had died this weekend, but he definitely hadn’t

Internet meme makers were responsible for spreading the fake news

Machine Gun Kelly was incorrectly reported to have died this weekend after internet meme-makers spread a fake death story online.

Posing as news reporters from fake social media accounts, the meme-makers said the rapper had died after taking a fictions drug called “Ligma”.

According to Hot New Hip Hop,  the fake accounts were also said to be owned by Eminem fans reportedly still upset by this year’s feud between the two rappers.


The incorrect news about Machine Gun Kelly’s death sparked panic on social media amongst fans:


The beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem dates back to 2012 when Machine Gun Kelly referred to Eminem’s then underage daughter as “hot as fuck”. Their animosity was reignited again this year following the release of Eminem’s album ‘Kamikaze’ album.

On the track ‘Not Alike’, Eminem rapped: “…You already know who the fuck you are, Kelly / I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss / But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie.” Eminem later explained why he reignited the diss, calling Machine Gun Kelly “pitiful”.

Machine Gun Kelly then responded with his own diss, ‘Rap Devil’, saying: “Trying to be the old you so bad you Stan yourself” before Eminem responded again, this time via another new track, ‘Killshot’.

In a two-star review of his album, ‘Binge’, NME wrote: “Rather acting as an gateway to an important conversation about excess, and becoming MGK’s moment to shine, it has sadly become an EP all about Eminem and, as he raps on ‘Killshot’, a work about “who can out-petty who.” It could have been so much more.