Machine Gun Kelly is making a ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ musical

He calls the project "a new pop-punk 'Grease'"

Machine Gun Kelly has revealed to NME that he’s making a musical around his new album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’.

Speaking to NME for this week’s Big Read cover feature, Kelly says he’s already shot the film – calling it a “pop-punk Grease“.

“I just shot it in four days with Mod Sun,” Kelly confirmed in the interview. “It was my first time directing.”


Kelly went on to say that the idea likely emerged from a running joke he has with Sun where they make excuses to leave situations by saying they need to go and watch Grease 2.

“Maybe that joke sparked the whole idea, because now we’re making a new pop-punk Grease,” he said. “It was almost like shooting 14 music videos back-to-back, but with a narrative that’s outside of my personal life stories.

“It focuses on other characters, and then me and [Barker] are just the narrators. It’s an interesting concept because it hasn’t been done for an album ever, maybe outside of like Pink Floyd’s The Wall.”

Earlier this month, Kelly scored his first Billboard Number One album with ‘Tickets To My Downfall’.

Reviewing the album, NME wrote: “There’s a rebellion in the fact Machine Gun Kelly has even made a record like this.


“Boisterous, full of sincerity and exciting enough to make you jump on a table in the middle of a board meeting, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ is an album that not only proves MGK can do whatever the hell he likes, but that also maybe pop-punk still has something important to offer the world.”

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