Machine Gun Kelly vows to “keep breaking the mould” with new music

"I don’t want to be bored with an artist"

Machine Gun Kelly has expressed his intentions to “keep breaking the mould” with his upcoming material.

The Ohio rapper – aka Richard Colson Baker – revealed in November that he hoped to release the follow-up to last year’s ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ at some point in 2021, if he had “enough time” between his other projects.

Speaking to Los Angeles radio station KROQ yesterday (March 8), Machine Gun Kelly was asked by host Nicole Alvarez to provide “one intention for the future”.


“Break the mould of everything I just did… and piss people off all over again,” MGK replied.

“Even when I say, ​’Break the mould and piss people off all over again’, I just mean make them think again; make them have a moment of like, ​’This artist is so polarising [that] I have to tune in’.

“Because I don’t want to be bored with an artist, and I think Kanye [West]’s a great example of that. We all have moments of sitting at dinner tables talking about Kanye and being like, ​’I didn’t like this!’ or, ​’I loved this!’ or, ​’Why is he doing that?!'”

He added: “But I’ll tell you what, man. We’re still talking about him and we know that there’s greatness in there behind it.”

MGK went on to cite Prince as another artist he belives broke conventions with his music, adding that he hopes to leave a similar legacy. “It’s not gonna be easy, and I’m aware of that,” he said. “I’m happy to keep breaking the mould.”


You can watch the conversation at the 27:25 mark in the above video.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly is set to appear alongside his daughter in a new film called One Way.

According to reports, the rapper will portray a character called Freddy who “goes on the run with a bag full of cash after a robbery of his former crime boss goes wrong”. His estranged father (played by Kevin Bacon) will betray him by telling the boss his whereabouts.