Machine Gun Kelly says he’s releasing a rock album in 2020

A change of direction could be on the way for MGK

Machine Gun Kelly has said that he’s planning to release a rock album in 2020.

Earlier this week (December 5), the rapper, real name Colson Baker, tweeted out that he plans to release a rock album in 2020 and that a new song would also appear before the end of the year.

This year, Kelly has portrayed Tommy Lee in Netflix’s Mötley Crüe biopic and announced the band’s reunion whilst dropping further hints that a change in musical direction may be on the way.


You can read the tweets below.

Earlier this week (December 4) Limp Bizkit and Machine Gun Kelly performed ‘Break Stuff’ together on stage.

The two appeared on stage together at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles for the high-energy performance. Later, MGK shared photos of himself with Fred Durst and co backstage at the theatre.


The two had teased a performance together earlier this year.

Reviewing Kelly’s album ‘Hotel Diablo’ earlier this year, NME wrote: “‘Hotel Diablo’ is a personally revealing project for Cleveland rapper Colson Baker. On Burning Memories, he raps, “How’d you leave your only child at nine for another, dude? / Took that pain and punched my father in the stomach ’til he bled”, revealing emotions he’s still dealing with today.

“Machine Gun Kelly continues to spit, “Hit the store and stole a .40 and took that shit to the head / All the years that you ignore me left me sleepless in the bed / I hope daddy got some kids because your only son is dead”. Despite the potency of its material, the project’s lyricism feels apathetic.”