Machine Gun Kelly scraps his upcoming album to start again from scratch

"I didn't give you the 4th album and I can't stop thinking about that"

Machine Gun Kelly has scrapped all of the material penned for his upcoming album and has decided to start it again from scratch.

In a post on Instagram today (December 12), Kelly revealed that his music has earned “half a billion” streams before adding that he will be starting his next album all over again.

Kelly wrote: “Half a billion streams this year…Very grateful but I didn’t give you the 4th album and I can’t stop thinking about that.”

He added: “I finally figured out what I’m gonna call it last night and I’m starting it all over from scratch. This one’s from the soul.”

In a later post, Kelly also shared a picture from inside the studio and again apologised to fans for the wait. He wrote: “Time to get it all out of my mind. new album. all truths. fuck everything else. sorry for the wait.”

Earlier this year, Kelly released his ‘Binge’ EP which included the Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil.’ Reviewing the EP, NME wrote: “Tracks with weaker themes and unnecessary, heavy auto-tune drown out meaning and stilt the album stylistically. Important ideas become ambiguous and lost thanks to under-exploration, making it feel directionless; a diss track lumped in the middle makes little thematic or cohesive sense either, adding to the EP’s awkward flow.”

In October, the trailer for Kelly’s latest acting project Bird Box was released.

Also starring Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich, and Moonlight actor Trevante Rhodes, the horror movie is based on the debut novel by Josh Malerman, which details a post-apocalyptic world where a disease is spreading across the population, inflicting people with terrifying visions.