Machine Gun Kelly teases new ‘Mainstream Sellout’ music and unveils new guitar

"new album, new snippet, new guitar"

Machine Gun Kelly has shared a snippet of new music from his forthcoming LP and he’s also unveiled the guitar he’s going to be using for his new era.

Kelly will release new album ‘Mainstream Sellout’, previously titled ‘Born With Horns’, on March 25. It was previewed last week with the release of his Willow collaboration, ‘Emo Girl’. An official video for that track will be released tonight (February 8), Kelly has confirmed.

“new album, new snippet, new guitar,” he wrote on Twitter alongside footage of him playing along to a segment of a song presumed to be taken from the album.


In the video, he plays his ‘Tickets To My Downfall’-era pink guitar to that album’s song ‘Drunk Face’, before the camera zooms in to the guitar.

When it zooms out, audio of an unreleased track, with more of a rap feel than the pop-punk sounds of ‘Tickets…’, plays with Kelly now holding a silver mirrored guitar.

See the clip below:

‘Emo Girl’ was Kelly’s first new single of 2022, and follows on from his August single ‘Papercuts’. He also featured on iann dior’s ‘Thought It Was’ with Travis Barker last month.

Kelly recently shared a clip of himself telling Barker, who is producing his new album, that he had decided to change the title of his forthcoming record from ‘Born With Horns’ to ‘Mainstream Sellout’.


The two artists previously got matching ‘Born With Horns’ tattoos to celebrate their work on the album.

The follow-up to 2020’s ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ is set to be “more guitar-heavy” and lyrically “deeper”, MGK said last year.

“It feels more guitar-heavy for sure, lyrically it definitely goes deeper – but I never like to do anything the same,” he added. “Every album is a juxtaposition of the last album. So I went and studied ‘Tickets’, and I heard the bright sound that I had, and for this album I just turned the lights off.”