Machine Gun Kelly asks fans to design him a new logo, some take it a little less seriously than others

Which is your favourite?

Machine Gun Kelly has invited fans and designers to create him a new logo – and some took it a little more seriously than others.

The rock-rapper is looking to the future and planning to move past the branding used on his 2019 album ‘Hotel Diablo‘, and is open to your submissions.

“Fuck it, we’re in a new chapter,” he told his followers on Twitter. “Got a [bag of money] for which ever fan can design us a new “Machine Gun Kelly” logo. Submit to”.


Fans were quick to respond on Twitter – with some taking his challenge a little more seriously than others…


A few of the designs made light of the rapper’s ongoing feud with Eminem after he attacked him on the track ‘Rap Devil’. Earlier this summer, Kelly spoke of the moment he came up the diss track, revealing that he came up with the first verses while drunk in a locker room.

Eminem started the feud by calling out Kelly on ‘Not Alike’, which featured on his surprise album ‘Kamikaze’. It was speculated that the diss was provoked by comments Kelly had made about Eminem’s daughter Hailie, although Marshall Mathers later revealed it was over something “a lot more petty” than that. Then, Kelly responded with ‘Rap Devil’, on which he referenced Eminem’s sobriety and age. Inspiration then struck Kelly in the unlikeliest of places.

“We went in the locker room of a place where we were at and I just did it on the spot after that shit released, in a matter of hours dude,” said Kelly. “I was with Odell [Beckham Jr, Cleveland Browns] the night before, celebrating the $100 million contract thing. I was still just drunk, like, ‘This muthafucka’.”

More recently, Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Hotel Diablo’ track ‘Floor 13’ also appears to reference the feud with Marshall Mathers. “One legend that tried to fuck with me and got the venom,” he raps on the cut.


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