Macy Gray almost arrested for swearing

Gray forced to apologise after Barbados gig

Macy Gray has narrowly escaped being arrested for swearing while perfoming onstage in Barbados.

The singer was performing at the Barbados Jazz Festival last Wednesday (January 10), when she used the word “motherfucker” several times in an in-between song tirade about the men in her life.

This resulted in Gray being forced to meet with law enforcement authorities backstage.

They threatened to arrest her and charge her for each use of the word, under a charge of “profanity infraction”, unless Gray publicly apologised, which she did and was not charged, reports New York Daily News.

In a statement backstage she told journalists: “I am so sorry for what happened, and I truly apologise. My manager told me about this law, but I didn’t take him seriously.

“I love Barbados and I was supposed to stay here another three days. I really don’t want to do it in jail…again I truly apologise and am truly sorry.”

Rapper DMX was charged in Barbados in 2003 following a similar incident.