Well, it makes sense - she does sound like Marge Simpson...

MACY GRAY has revealed she is planning to develop a cartoon series loosely based on her life.

Speaking to music channel VH-1, Gray, whose new single, ‘Sweet Baby’ is released on September 3, said the cartoon series will follow “me and my friends growing up in a neighbourhood…going to school everyday”.

She commented: “One of the hooks is that we’re gonna have other celebrities as kids. Like, say, Erykah Badu lives across town, but she comes and hangs out with me and she comes when I have a slumber party.

“And say there’s this little character of Shaq, and he’s on the basketball team. It’s real, real crazy. It don’t make any sense, but it’s really cute; it’s adorable. I can’t wait till it comes out.”

The as-yet-untitled series will feature Gray performing her own vocals.

Gray‘s second album, ‘The Id’, will be released in the UK on September 17.