Madi Diaz announces new album ‘History Of A Feeling’

Listen to new single 'Woman In My Heart' now

Madi Diaz has announced the release of her new album ‘History Of A Feeling’, which is due to arrive later this year.

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s new album, which she started working on three years ago with co-producer Andrew Sarlo, pulls from a range of folk, country and pop influences, such as Patty Griffin, Lori McKenna, PJ Harvey and Kathleen Hanna.

According to a press release, the album will hear Diaz cycle “through the full spectrum of emotions as she comes to terms with the dissolution of a meaningful relationship”.


“The bulk of this music came from dealing with a kind of tsunami clash of compassion, both for my former partner while she was discovering a deeper part of her gender identity long hidden, and my own raw heartache over having lost the partner I knew,” Diaz said in a statement.

She continued: “I felt so torn through the middle because half of me wanted to hold this person through such a major life event, one that is so beautiful and hard, and the other half felt lost—like I had lost myself in someone else’s story.”

Set to be released on August 27 via ANTI, you can pre-order ‘History Of A Feeling’ here.

Diaz has accompanied the announcement with the release of a new single, ‘Woman In My Heart’, which she has said “came out in a sort of waking dream” while she “was actively learning how to part with someone”.

“It was hard enough not to miss/hurt/hate/fight/fuck/feel/get over them, and, what was even harder, was the love we had felt more and more like a mystery and the pain was the only thing coming in clear,” Diaz added.


It follows the release of recent singles ‘Nervous’, ‘New Person, Old Place’, and ‘Man In Me’.

Watch the Jordan Bellamy-directed video for ‘Woman In My Heart’ below:

‘History Of A Feeling’ tracklist:

1. ‘Rage’
2. ‘Man In Me’
3. ‘Crying In Public’
4. ‘Resentment’
5. ‘Think Of Me’
6. ‘Woman In My Heart’
7. ‘Nervous’
8. ‘Forever’
9. ‘History Of A Feeling’
10. ‘New Person Old Place’
11. ‘Do It Now’

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