Madison Beer discusses the importance of standing up to “powerful men in the industry”

"Being a female in the music industry sometimes it’s hard to have my voice be heard"

Madison Beer has discussed how she re-shot her video for new single ‘Baby’ as a way to stand up to “powerful men in the industry”.

Speaking to NME for our latest In Conversation With… interview, Beer discussed the new song, and how she gained power from taking back control of the song’s video.

As Beer explained to NME, she wants ‘Baby’ “to empower you and make you just feel like you’re that bitch”.


“It was originally called ‘Prescription Love’,” she said. “It was kind of this whole concept, about prescription love and refilling your prescription and how it could be unhealthy to be dependent on love.”

Speaking of the video, Beer added: “We actually reshot the video. We shot one in May of last year and it was just… not it. I was like, ‘I’m really sorry. guys, but we gotta scrap this whole video and redo it.’ And of course, everyone’s like, ‘We just shot a whole humongous video – what are you talking about? You can’t do that!’

“That’s something that goes into everything I say and stand for: you’ve got to assert yourself when it’s necessary and stand your ground, and being a female in the music industry sometimes it’s hard to have my voice be heard.

She added: “This was a really important moment for me to stand up to a bunch of people, including a bunch of powerful men in the industry and be like, ‘No, I don’t stand behind this video’. And now we have this great video that I love so much that I’m so behind.”

Watch the full NME In Conversation With… video with Madison Beer below.


Elsewhere in the interview, Beer discussed sampling Rick and Morty on her forthcoming debut album, ‘Life Support’.

“It’s my favourite TV show, it’s my favourite cartoon objectively,” Beer told NME. “So I chose to showcase my buddy Rick in the outro. And Morty’s in it too. I’m obsessed with the show and I just didn’t feel like my album was complete without [Rick and Morty co-creator] Justin Roiland on it.”