Madison Beer on how mental health battles influenced debut album ‘Life Support’

"It kept me alive, I found a passion and something that felt good."

Madison Beer has opened up on how her own personal battles with mental health inspired the title of her forthcoming debut album.

The New York singer/songwriter told NME that her upcoming debut album ‘Life Support’ is heavily influenced by the escapism it provided after she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2019.

“I was going through a really tough time when we were making this album. I had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I was in and out of dark mental states and in therapy three times a week,” she said.


“I was in a dark fucking place and I genuinely wanted to die. My team around me was super supportive, I would sometimes go in the studio, we’d be in there for eight or nine hours and I would just be crying, ranting or raving about how I’ve never been this depressed and I don’t know what to do.

“They were just there to be a support system and that was another support system for me. I genuinely believe that the time I was creating my album and was genuinely suicidal, they were intertwined for a reason.” Watch the full interview below.

Opening up on how her struggles influenced the album title, Beer explained: “[Creating my album] was my life support and that’s why I called this album ‘Life Support’. It kept me alive, I found a passion and something that felt good. I was like, this is a reason to live and this is enough. I can be here for this.”

She added: “It was a really special thing and an emotional journey.”

Describing the lyrical content, Beer opened up on how the track ‘Effortlessly’ sees her exploring how her mental health battles saw her appreciating the value of everyday activities she had previously taken for granted.


“The lyrics of that song are basically saying how I used to do everything so effortlessly, I took smiling and getting out of bed for granted and now I literally don’t have the energy or need to move. All I wanted to do was isolate,” she said.

“It was your typical depressed human being, and I was very grateful that I had a reason to be like ‘You need to go to the studio today’ and I’m grateful for that.”

Beer concluded: “This album is the rollercoaster of life and my personal rollercoaster, and the strength I’ve been able to have coming out of it.

“The last song on my album is called ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and that’s just the period on the end of the sentence to me. That was the perfect song to put on the end, because I went through a tough time but everything happens for a reason.”

Back in April Beer shared the single ‘Broken Glass’, which she said was inspired by her confronting her own mental health struggles.

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