Madness take open-top bus ‘world tour’ in Camden

Suggs and co hit the streets for the Camden Crawl

Madness undertook what they billed as a ‘world tour’ of Camden yesterday (April 24) in an open-top bus for the Camden Crawl festival.

Playing a stripped-down street gig for BBC 6music outside the Roundhouse venue at 3.30pm (BST), Suggs and co played the classics ‘One Step Beyond’, ‘Madness’ and ‘It Must Be Love’ with just a tambourine, saxophone and ukulele.

The band then got on their bus to travel to two acoustic gigs at the Edinburgh Castle and Dublin Castle venues.

Outside the Dublin Castle fans clogged up the pavement waiting for the band to get inside, then packed out the venue once they did.

As gig-goers stood on chairs, tables and whatever else they could find to see the band, they were left frustrated at the sound, which was barely audible over the crowd and shouts of “shut up!”, “turn it up!” and “play louder!”.

Later in the evening, Madness parked the bus opposite Camden Market and played a full gig.