Glastonbury attempts biggest kiss ever

Madness will be helping to break snogging world record

Glastonbury festival will attempt to break record for the world’s biggest kiss ever, with help from Madness.

Madness will be playing on the main Lost Vagueness stage at the festival as The Big Kiss takes place.

The will stop their set at 1.30am early Sunday morning (June 24), where frontman Suggs will direct revellers to start snogging.

The current record stands at 6,400 couples and was set in Hungary, Glastonbury are hoping to reach 30,000, by getting everyone to kiss the person standing next to them.

Lost Vagueness is one of the only parts of Glastonbury open 24 hours,” said Lost Vagueness founder Roy Gurvitz of the record attempt. “It is so perfect for Midsummer’s morning to share a little bit of happiness and love with the person next to you, all the while setting a record that will be recognised in the future. It’s going to be an amazing sight.”