Madness to re-record classic hit with Sway

'Baggy Trousers' will get a new name too

Madness are to record a new version of their classic hit ‘Baggy Trousers’ with hip-hop rapper/producer Sway.

The reworked track, originally a Number Three hit in 1980, will be called ‘Baggy Jeans’.

Sway told NME.COM: “It is not often you get to rework a legendary song with the original writers.

Madness have been brilliant, creating a totally modern version of a classic is phenomenal.”

Sway admits he was cautious about reworking such a famous song, but was impressed with the risks Madness enjoyed taking.

He claimed: “It was brave of the band to be so creative and change a song that sits so proudly in British music history.”

He also added that the new version is “a huge smash guaranteed, wait and see”.

‘Baggy Jeans’ will be released as a single later this year.

Madness and Sway have just released their first collaboration, the single ‘Sorry’, and plan to experiment with other material.

Sway also revealed he is about to start work on a project with Akon and Pharrell Williams, and will continue to reject any record company offers, declaring: “The label offers never stop but I’m staying independent.”