Madness unveil their stone on Camden’s Music Walk Of Fame

Amy Winehouse also receives the honour later this week

Madness became the second act to be honoured on Camden’s ‘Music Walk Of Fame’ today (March 2), with the band in attendance for a stone unveiling ceremony.

They were in attendance with Lynval Golding of fellow 2-Tone legends The Specials, and were introduced by Dizzee Rascal.

“Forty years in the music game, that’s serious man. They are a national treasure,” Dizzee said.


“It’s an honour for me to just be here. I hope I get this much love when I’ve been 40 years in the game.”

CREDIT: Ollie Millington/Redferns

Speaking at the unveiling, frontman Suggs joked: “We did single-handedly turn Camden Town from a shithole into one of the greatest tourist destinations on the planet.”

Referring to Golding, who appeared with him onstage, Suggs added: “With the help of this man here, with the love of music and this man here.”

““It was okay because we had this lot – The Specials. Without them, who knows, who knows?”

They’re only the second act to have received a spot on the Camden Music Walk of Fame, following in the footsteps of The Who, who were the first act to be honoured with the special award when it launched in November 2019.


On Wednesday (March 4), Amy Winehouse will also be receiving the honour, followed by a fundraiser for The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Amy’s parents Mitch and Janis said: “We all know how much Amy adored her beloved Camden, so how fitting that her name is now part of the very fabric of the place she loved. To be part of the ‘Music Walk of Fame’ is such a great honour. We’re absolutely delighted that Amy’s musical legacy is being celebrated in this way”.

Up to 20 stones are expected to be eventually laid and marked with special celebrations, while augmented reality technology will allow the streets to effectively become a living museum.