Nile Rodgers recalls unusual question from Madonna: ‘Why don’t you want to fuck me?’

Chic legend worked with Madonna on her blockbuster 1985 album 'Like A Virgin'

Nile Rodgers has revealed that he bemused Madonna in the ’80s by failing to crack on to her.

The Chic legend, whose guitar skills can be heard on Daft Punk’s recent Number One smash ‘Get Lucky’, produced Madonna’s 1984 album ‘Like A Virgin’, which sold over 20 million copies worldwide after spawning the hit singles ‘Material Girl’, ‘Dress You Up’ and the title track.

However, the singer was apparently surprised when Rodgers chose to keep their working relationship strictly professional. “I was standing at an elevator when she goes, ‘Why don’t you want to fuck me?'”, Rodgers recalled, speaking to The Sun.


“I was like, ‘What did you just say to me?’ She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn’t understand that. It was like, ‘Everybody wants me’.”

Explaining his decision to keep their collaboration chaste, Rodgers recalls telling Madonna: “One time I slept with a really beautiful artist I was working with and it was a really wrong thing to do. So, I didn’t work like that.” He also insisted that his relationship with the singer went on to thrive afterwards, saying: “I grew as close to Madonna as I’ve ever been to a woman without being romantically involved. She was the most driven person. The day I met her she said, ‘I’m going to be a really big superstar’.”