Catholic bishop labels Madonna ‘highly offensive to Christianity’

Religious figure criticises star ahead of New Zealand concerts

Madonna has been condemned by a Roman Catholic bishop ahead of two concerts in New Zealand this weekend.

Madonna performs at the Vector Arena Auckland on Saturday and Sunday (March 5-6), with local bishop Patrick Dunn describing the star as “highly offensive to Christianity” in an interview with the New Zealand Herald, but stopped short of urging a boycott of the upcoming shows.

“There is no question in my mind that some of Madonna’s material is highly offensive to Christianity and will be found just as offensive to the majority of people of religious faith, as well as many cultural sensitivities,” Dunn is quoted as saying.

“Here in New Zealand religion is not always taken very seriously, yet in addition to Christianity there are people of many other faiths, all together representing over half our population,” he added.

“In a multi-cultural and multi-faith society like New Zealand, it is imperative that entertainers not presume their own cultural perspective is that of the majority. Often it is not.”


It isn’t the first time Madonna has been criticised by religious figures. The singer’s famous ‘Like A Prayer’ video was controversial upon its release in 1989, while the Pope called for a boycott of her ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour the following year after she simulated masturbation during a performance of the song.

The singer is currently in the middle of her ‘Rebel Heart’ world tour after releasing her album of the same name in March 2015.

Meanwhile, Madonna was recently criticised in the Philippines for allegedly disrespecting the national flag during her recent concerts in the country. She faces being banned from the country, according to reports.