Madonna booed and called a ‘slut’ by disgruntled French fans

Fans voice their disapproval after the singer performs for just 45 minutes at a gig in Paris

Madonna was booed and called a “slut” by disgruntled fans after a gig in Paris last night (July 26).

The intimate show at the city’s 2,700-seat Olympia Theatre was a last-minute addition to the singer’s ‘MDNA’ tour, with tickets offered to fan club members first and selling out in less than five minutes.

However, the gig was considerably shorter than other performances on the tour. Madonna performed just eight songs, ending her set with a cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Je T’aime… Mon Non Plus’ and leaving the stage 45 minutes after she had come on.

Some fans apparently felt short-changed after paying between 80 and 280 Euros (£62 and £219) for tickets. Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows gig-goers chanting “Remboursez!”, French for “We want our money back!”, shortly after Madonna left the stage.

Later in the video, a group of fans begin to chant “Salope!”, a derogatory term that translates as “slut” or “whore”. Scroll down to watch the video.

Madonna also caused controversy at a previous show in Paris on July 14. After the singer showed video footage of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her forehead, the far-right political party threatened to sue the singer for “public insult”. Madonna will return to France for a gig at Nice’s Stade Charles-Ehrmann on August 21.