Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rihanna gigs in Hyde Park at risk

Complaints from local residents threaten sound levels, capacity and number of shows

Gigs set for this summer in Hyde Park, London are reportedly at risk because of complaints by local residents.

The London Evening Standard writes that Mayfair residents have complained about the noise from the regular shows which take place in the public park every summer. Rihanna and Drake are set to headline Wireless Festival over the weekend of July 6-8, while Madonna will play the park on July 11 and Bruce Springsteen on July 14.

The acts most at risk of being pulled are dance acts who play repetitive beats. A report says last summer 109 complaints about the noise were made, which was double the number from 2010. The Environmental Health Department at Westminster City Council has now filed a report in application for a review of the licence to hold concerts in Hyde Park, with Westminster councillors set to make a decision on the review tomorrow (February 17).

The report recommends that the number of shows is cut from 13 to six each summer, and also proposes that the capacity for four of those gigs is reduced from 80,000 to 65,000 people. The remaining two shows would hold a capacity of 50,000.

The Evening Standard quotes two local residents who say of the noise: “It’s pretty bad. There are two issues for us – the number of concerts and noise they’re allowed to make. If you sit here with the windows open on a hot day, you can hear every word,” says Mike Dunn, vice-chairman of the Mayfair Residents Group.

Meanwhile, Councillor Glenys Roberts said: “I like to watch the men’s Wimbledon final but there’s always a concert on that Sunday and the noise completely drowns out the television.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has also stepped into the debate, adding: “I want to see Madonna in Hyde Park and so does everybody else, I hope a good solution will be reached this week.”