Madonna: ‘I put my heart and soul into ‘MDNA”

Singer speaks about the making of her 12th studio album

Madonna has spoken about the making of her new album ‘MDNA’ and has revealed she is incredibly nervous ahead of its release on Monday (March 26) as she has put her “heart and soul into it”.

Speaking to The Sun about the album’s release, the 53-year old said she has no idea how the album will be received by the general public and was apprehensive about that.

Asked if she felt nervous ahead of ‘MDNA’ being released on Monday, she replied: “I don’t think presenting any of my work is less nerve-racking than it ever was because I put my heart and soul into something. Whether it’s on a film or my record, it’s something to work on in privacy and create in a kind of bubble and then put it out in the world. You never know how people are going to receive it, whether it’s going to move them or inspire them. The world is so full of entertainment now, isn’t it? So there are a lot of nerves.”

The singer also revealed that she was really enjoying being back in the mode of a recording artist, having taken time out to work on films, most recently W.E, which came out earlier this year.

Speaking about this, she said: “It’s amazing to be back in music. I like the intimacy of a recording studio and song-writing. I’m using a different part of my brain when I work on music versus when I’m directing a film. It’s very different. I love doing both but it was nice to have the simplicity of songwriting after three years of writing a script and directing and editing and talking about my film, to sit down and play my guitar and sing a song. I almost cried.”

Madonna also spoke about working with Nicki Minaj and MIA, who she said she wanted to work with as they are “women who have a strong sense of themselves” and that they were “lot of fun” in the studio.

Asked about working with Minaj and MIA, she said: “I was looking to collaborate with women who I think have a strong sense of themselves. They were a lot of fun to be around in the studio, for sure. I think we were all shy of each other in the beginning, that’s just human nature. I think we got over that pretty quickly. They’re both very self-possessed people, especially M.I.A. I don’t think she’s impressed much by stars and celebrities, so we just got down to business. I loved her.”

The singer also said she avoided listening to pop music during the making of the album as she needed “a clean slate to work off”. Speaking about this, she said: “I wasn’t listening to anything to tell you the truth, when I wrote this. I was working on the soundtrack to my movie W.E. So just classical music. I actually don’t like listening to pop music while I’m working on pop music — it doesn’t really work. You don’t want to hear other people’s stuff, you need a clean slate to work off.”

‘MDNA’ is released on Monday. The record is a follow-up to 2008’s ‘Hard Candy. Madonna has been releasing a few new songs and previews from the album online in the build up to its release date, including ‘I Don’t Give A’ and ‘Falling Free’.

NME broadly liked ‘MDNA’, with reviewer Priya Elan giving the album 7/10 and describing it “as a ridiculously enjoyable romp, but not for the bits that were supposed to be fun.”

To read NME‘s full review of ‘MDNA’, pick up the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands and available digitally now.

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Madonna is set to play shows at London’s Hyde Park on July 17 and Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium on July 21. The dates are part of a full world tour, which kicks off on May 29 in Tel Aviv and runs until November 17, when the singer will perform in Atlanta, Georgia.