Madonna hints that she has given up acting for good

Singer says she's not happy being 'just a pawn' for a director

Madonna has hinted that she has given up acting for good.

The singer has acted in films since 1979, but has never been able to establish herself as a bona fide Hollywood actress and has been roundly criticised throughout her career by film critics.

Speaking to MTV News, the singer responded to a question about whether she would act again by saying: “No [I don’t want to act], but I do [act] every day of my life. I like directing better. If I write it and direct it, then it’s my voice. If I’m the actor, I’m just a pawn.”

Madonna also added that she hoped she would be remembered for her achievements in all media and not just for her music. Asked about how she would like to be remembered, she replied: “I prefer the idea that people would say that I contributed to the culture, the zeitgeist from a female perspective as a musician, as a songwriter, as a filmmaker. I hope that I consider all of these things to be a part of my body of work and I’d rather not go, ‘Oh, she’ll be remembered as a great filmmaker, a great songwriter.’

Madonna will debut her new single ‘Give Me all Your Luvinn” on American Idol later this week (February 2).

The track is taken from the singer’s 12th studio album ‘MDNA’, which is the follow-up to her 2008 effort ‘Hard Candy’. The single features appearances from both MIA and Nicki Minaj.