Madonna: ‘My head is going to explode’

'MDNA' singer finds being single mother of four "hard work"

Madonna has said that she finds being a single mother of four children “hard work” and has revealed her break-up with director Guy Ritchie influenced her new album.

The singer, who releases her twelfth studio album ‘MDNA’ on March 26, told The Sun that she feels like her “head is going to explode” from the stress of raising four kids.

She continued:

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work having four kids and doing all the work. Sometimes I cope with it very well, sometimes it’s a struggle.


Madonna goes on to reveal that new track ‘I Don’t Give A’ is about “life as a single mother” and that the song includes a rap about doing “ten things at once”.

Speaking about the uproar surrounding the title of her new album – a word play on the drug MDMA – Madonna brushed off allegations that she was looking to stir controversy.

She said: “It’s an anagram of my name. I don’t really think about controversy, I think about irony.”

Yesterday (March 10), the singer posted pictures on her Facebook page of injuries she has received while rehearsing for her forthcoming world tour.

The singer is set to play shows at London’s Hyde Park on July 17 and Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium on July 21. The dates are part of the full world tour, which kicks off on May 29 in Tel Aviv and runs until November 17, when the singer will perform in Atlanta, Georgia.