Madonna ‘stalker’ sentenced to mental health unit

Singer admits she feared for her family's safety following London home break-in

A man who broke into Madonna‘s home has been sentenced to be detained indefinitely in a secure psychiatric unit.

Grzegorz Matlok, who gained entry into her London home earlier this year before he was wrestled to the ground by her bodyguards, was convicted at Southwark Crown Court yesterday (October 24).

The court heard Madonna was “alarmed and distressed” and feared for the safety of her children when she heard the 30-year-old travelled from Poland to burgle a mews house linked to the singer’s Marylebone home before entering her own, reports The Metro.

During the break-in, which happened while the star was in the US, he stole a can of Red Bull, explored the singer’s bedroom and rifled through her clothes.

Matlok was eventually caught after being spotted by friend and tenant Nathan Rissmann. Nine months earlier, he also broke into Madonna‘s Wiltshire estate and tried on some of her ex-husband’s clothes, before being restrained by the film director.

Matlok, who suffers from schizophrenia, told police the singer had given him permission to stay at her property. But she issued a statement saying:

I do not know the defendant, I’ve not had any form of relationship with the defendant, nor have I had any form of contact by phone or by email or by any other way with the defendant.

She added: “I feel very alarmed and distressed. I’m worried about my children’s safety. I’m also naturally worried about my own safety.”