Madonna to work with Meatloaf collaborator?

Singer rumoured to be working with Jim Steinman

Madonna is rumoured to be collaborating on her new album with Meat Loaf‘s producer and songwriter.

As well as being responsible for the ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ trilogy, Jim Steinman has penned tunes for Bonnie Tyler and Celine Dion. The songsmith and producer is now said to be collaborating with Madonna on the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Hard Candy’.

According to Pat Buchanan from the Chicago Examiner, there has been “big talk” about “Madonna’s upcoming album and the possibility of Jim Steinman (hello, Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf, and Celine Dion) as a collaborator.”

“Apparently, Madonna wrote some songs with melody ideas and sent them to Mr Steinman, who was very impressed. Madonna, despite what some say, does write her own lyrics and melodies, but relies on producers to come up with the music.”

He also revealed one of the other collaborators on the album would be her brother-in-law Joe Henry who co-wrote ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘Jump’.

It was reported earlier this month that the singer would begin work on her new album in July.