Madonna’s Malawian child adoption delayed

The pop star attends court in Africa

Madonna‘s adoption of a young Malawian girl has reportedly been delayed.

The pop star attended a hearing on the matter in the southern African nation today (March 30), but the judge delayed his ruling until Friday (April 3), reports the Associated Press.

According to court documents, Madonna is attempting to adopt Chifundo James, a Malawian girl who is about 4 years old and whose mother died at the age of 18.


Some non-governmental organisations have criticised Madonna, accusing her of yielding her power and status speed up the normally lengthy adoption process.

“We feel Madonna is behaving like a bully,” said Undule Mwakusungura, chairman of the Human Rights Consultative Committee. “She has the money and the status to use her profile to manipulate, to fast-track the process.

Meanwhile, others from Malawi have said they strongly support Madonna‘s efforts to give the child advantages she could not receive in their country.

If the adoption is finalised, Madonna would be the single mother of four children.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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