Madonna denies blasphemy accusations

Superstar refutes rabbi's claims

Madonna has hit back at suggestions that her forthcoming album contains blasphemous material.

As previously reported the singer was criticised by rabbis for a song called ‘Isaac’ which will feature on ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’, as they claim it is about 16th century Jewish mystic called Yitzhak Luria, whose name should not be used for profit.

However Madonna has declared the song is not in fact about the religious figure.

“The absurd thing is that it’s not what they think it is,” Madonna told MTV News.

“It’s not a song about Isaac Luria. I don’t know anything about Isaac Luria, so I couldn’t write a song about him. The song is called ‘Isaac’ because the man who is singing on it is named Isaac. I think one person saw that name and decided that they were going to go out and say I was doing something blasphemous, and it’s just not true.”

‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ is set for release on November 14.