Polish nationalists call Madonna a ‘crypto-Satanist’

They condemn the pop star for planning a concert on Christian holy day

Several polish nationalists have spoken out against Madonna for planning her first Polish concert on a Christian holy day.

Many have decried her plan to perform in Warsaw on August 15, the day that Christians commemorate the Virgin Mary‘s ascension into heaven.

A representative from a ‘Pro Polonia’ group said that the pop star is a “crypto-Satanist’ who goes out of her way to offend religious believers.

Madonna specialises in offending religious feelings… It is possible to suspect her of being a crypto-Satanist,” Marian Baranski said at a news conference.

Madonna sneers at Jesus Christ, the symbol of the cross and all Christians,” added Zygmunt Wrzodak, a former member of the Polish parliament.

Former president Lech Walesa urged Madonna to move the date of her Polish concert, but she would not be swayed, reports Reuters.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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