A man buys the sought-after tickets as a birthday present for his wife - But would YOU pay that amount of money? Are you going to the show? We want to hear from you...

The only pair of tickets known to have been legally on sale for MADONNA’s show at LONDON’s BRIXTON ACADEMY tonight have been sold on the Internet for over £2,200.

The tickets – donated by, closing at 10am this morning (November 28) having reached £1,102 each. To prevent the sum reaching astronomical figures, the increment on each bid was capped at a single pound. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to a charity of Madonna’s choice. All other tickets, for what has become the single most anticipated UK show of the year, are only available to fans through radio and online competitions.

The tickets were bought by Anthony Wisker from Kent as a birthday present for his wife.


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Is all the fuss worth it? NME.COM wants to hear from you.

Did you buy the tickets? If so, do you think you got a bargain? Or is £1,000 too much to pay for half a dozen songs from Madonna and another few from support acts Texas and former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft? Are you one of the lucky few thousand to have won tickets? Is the show simply the slickest PR stunt Madonna has pulled yet?

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