She could pop in to the Orlando venue to belt out a few songs when she's on one of her regular visits to Miami

MADONNA has been invited to perform at VIP gig at BACKSTREET BOY HOWIE DOROUGH’s newly-opened nightclub, TABOO, in ORLANDO.

Dorough, on the group’s 100-hour jet-set global jaunt to promote BSB’s new album ‘Black And Blue’, released yesterday (November 20), said: “I heard Madonna was doing these private gigs in intimate venues in America and I think that’s a great idea. It gives something back to the fans. I know she always goes out in Miami, so since Orlando is right close by so I figured it was worth a shot to ask.

“I haven’t heard anything yet but apparently it’s just all a matter of whether Madonna can fit it into her schedule.”


The pop queen, who was crowned Best Female at last week’s MTV awards, plays a show at London Brixton Academy on November 28.

And her low-key shows have inspired Howie to suggest the BSBs do something similar. “We’d like to switch it up, do a few intimate gigs, play some smaller places alongside the bigger venues,” he revealed. But they are unlikely to take place in the near future: “If we added any extra dates the tour would have to last like three years, and there’s no way we can let that happen.”

The group’s transglobal promo trip, aboard a specially-commissioned luxury private jet, will take them across six continents.

In other BSB news, Kevin Richardson’s cousin and bandmate Brian Littrell has said that he reckons Kev would make an ace politician.

“It’s obviously a different ball game, but you learn a lot in the record business about the political world and making the right decisions. You also learn about power. After all, everyone looks at us as being in one of the most powerful groups in the world. Kevin’s that focused that if he wants it bad enough he could probably have it.”

Kevin, meanwhile, has said that he wants to take up the fight for the environment in his home state of Kentucky, after becoming interested in the subject following the death of his father from cancer. “It made me realise that everyone around me has been affected by cancer in some way. The reason for this is we’re poisoning the air, the soil and the food we eat.” Saying he would begin his fight in his home state, he continued: “After that I’ll go for the rest of the US and who knows, maybe the world.”

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