Madonna’s Malawi adoption case appeal adjourned

A date for the verdict has not been revealed

The closed court for Madonna’s adoption case appeal in Malawi, where she is attempting to gain custody of a second adoptive child, has adjourned today (May 4).

Three judges in the Malawi supreme court heard the singer’s appeal case, which followed a previous ruling against her plan to adopt three year-old Chifundo ‘Mercy’ James – although Madonna was not present in court in person.

The judges did not reveal when they would give their verdict, reports BBC News.

A man who claims he is the child’s natural father, James Kambewa, recently launched a bid to gain custody of who he says is his daughter – although he has admitted he has never met her in person.

Kambewa‘s uncle, Peter Baneti, who is representing the child’s family in the case, has dismissed Kambewa as an “opportunist” and has said he has agreed to the adoption of the child.

A ruling may not be given for a number of days.