The superstar wears a t-shirt that says, simply, Britney Spears - and she dedicates a song to her...

MADONNA paid lopsided tribute to BRITNEY SPEARS, the singer touted as ‘BABY MADONNA’, during her 20-minute return to live performance in NEW YORK last night (5 November).

The superstar appeared throughout her brief set at the Roseland Ballroom in a black tank top, with the words Britney Spears printed across it. She went on to cheekily dedicate new album track ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ to the teen queen saying simply “this is for Britney”.

As previously reported on NME.COM, this was Madonna’s first live concert appearance since 1993 and though tickets were offered free to competition winners on local radio stations, fans were still eager enough to meet the $550 per ticket some touts were asking.


Mingling amongst the 3,000 fans were Madonna’s close friend Rupert Everett, fashion designer Donatella Versace, and Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Danny DeVito. Her daughter Lourdes and newly born son Rocco were also spotted though Rocco’s father, film director Guy Ritchie was not present.

Mimicking the artwork on Madonna’s recent chart topping album ‘Music’, (and providing an indication of what UK fans can expect when she plays a similar show at London’s Brixton Academy later this month) the stage-set featured a giant US flag and a 1965 Ford pick-up truck, while the star, her dancers and band were bedecked in the cowboy hats and western styled clothes familiar to fans of the new record.

Aside from remarking that she was “so happy” to be back onstage, Madonna also evoked memories of her live performances of old, playfully asking the audience if they wanted to get ‘jiggy wiggy’ and ‘boogie-woogie’.

The full set was as follows:

‘Impressive Instant’

‘Runaway Lover’


‘Don’t Tell Me’

‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’


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