Father of Madonna’s Malawi adoption target enters custody battle

James Kambewa launches bid for full custody of his daughter

The father of the Malawi child Madonna is attempting to adopt has launched a bid for full custody of the girl.

James Kambewa wants full custody of his daughter, Mercy, who he has never met, saying that the pop singer would be an unsuitable mother for her.

Madonna has had an adoption attempt for Mercy turned down already – but has launched an appeal. It will be heard on Monday (May 4).

“She [Mercy] is my daughter,” Kambewa said, according to the Daily Mirror. “Madonna has millions but that doesn’t make her a good mum. Parental love is worth more than money.”

He went on to slam the singer for her raunchy image. “She doesn’t portray good morals,” he said. “How can a woman of 50 dance almost naked on stage? In Malawi, women respect themselves.”