A convalescent hospital in the US claims to have a right to host the website

Madonna is at the centre of another row over the Internet domain name, after it emerged a convalescent hospital in the US also believe they have a right to host the website.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Madonna won a four month battle to evict a cybersquatter from the domain name earlier in the month.

On October 16, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ruled in Geneva that New York web developer Dan Parisi had no trademark right to the name, and failed to provide legitimate interest in the domain name which he had used for pornography, whereas Madonna successfully argued she had used the name and trademark for a number of years.


However, according to a report in this morning’s Daily Star newspaper (October 27), Parisi claims he offered the domain name to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska in the US – a convalescent hospital run by nuns. A spokesperson for the hospital is quoted as saying: “It was devastating…Mr Parisi had offered it to us as a gift.

“We wanted it because it would have meant people could find us easily and it would have avoided all the confusion that goes on at the moment. We are one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the US and we wanted that name because of the religious connotations.”

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As exclusively revealed on NME.COM, Madonna is to perform songs from her recent album ‘Music’ for a special edition of Top Of The Pops.

If all goes to plan, she will record “two or three” songs for use in a later broadcast sometime next month. These songs are expected to be used in conjunction with archived Madonna performances on Top Of The Pops from throughout her career, which will make up the duration of the programme.

An official spokesperson for Top Of The Pops was unable to comment, and said nothing has been officially confirmed at this point.

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