Erotic Madonna phone messages up for auction

Her old love letters are also up for sale

Erotic phone messages left by Madonna in the ’90s for her then-boyfriend are being sold in an online auction ending next month.

The messages are on the original micro-cassette tapes from the answering machine of boyfriend Jim Albright, and are expected to be sold for $40,000.

Faxed love letters sent by Madonna to Albright are also for sale in the auction, as are Jimi Hendrix‘s $1 performance contract and Keith Moon’s drumsticks.

The Hendrix contract dates back to 1965 and is thought to be the first performance contract signed by the legend, says The Gotta Have It! auction house.

Lots of items worn by Mick Jagger, John Lennon and many more are also up for sale at

Over 500 items are up for sale, and are being offered by 150 consignors, reports the Associated Press.

–By our New York staff.
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