Appeal date set for Madonna’s Malawi adoption appeal

Singer will put her case forward in Malawi next month

Madonna will appeal the decision to stop her adopting a second Malawi child on May 4.

The singer had attempted to adopt an adoptive sibling for her first adopted Malawi child, David Banda, but a judge in the African country ruled against it.

The star is trying to adopt three year-old girl named Chifundo James.

The new hearing will take place in the Malawi Supreme Court next month – although she is not required to attend the hearing in person, reports Associated Press.

Madonna‘s first attempt to take custody of James failed because she had not lived in Malawi for the required time of 18-24 months to be assessed for suitability.

The rule was waived when she adopted Banda – legal authorities are concerned that to do so again would set a precedence for the future.