Madonna jokes that the Pope is stalking her as she dedicates song to ‘Popey Wopey’ – watch

Singer performed 'La Vie En Rose' in Pope's honour at Philadelphia show

Madonna dedicated a song to Pope Francis at her concert on Thursday night (September 24).

The singer performed a show in Philadelphia last night, taking time to pay a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the leader of the Catholic Church, who is currently amid his first visit to the US.

Telling the audience how both she and Pope Francis were in New York recently, Madonna said, “The pope is stalking me. Either he’s a copycat or he’s secretly in love with me”.

She continued, “I like the new pope. He seems very open-minded. I’ve been excommunicated from the Catholic Church three times. It shows the Vatican cares deeply.

“Since Popey-wopey is on his way over here, I want to dedicate this song to him because it’s a love song and I, for one, do think that love makes the world go around.”

Madonna also compared herself to Pope Francis, saying, “I don’t think there’s that much difference between me and the Pope. We both wear dresses.”

The singer dedicated ‘La Vie En Rose’ to the Pope. Watch footage of her performance below.