Pharrell Williams: ‘I made Madonna cry like a baby’

Producer reveals he turned Queen Of Pop into sobbing wreck

Pharrell Williams admitted he reduced Madonna to a sobbing wreck while working on her recent album ‘Hard Candy’.

The producer said he made the icon cry like a baby during recording sessions for the record.

“I totally made her cry like. Like a baby. I had to get her a towel,” he told Shortlist. “We were alone recording the album and she kept talking a lot of rubbish, so I shouted a lot of rubbish and she started crying her eyes out.”

The N.E.R.D man admitted he had been quite nasty to Madonna, but said he had no plans to make their scrap public until the singer spoke about it herself.

“I just said some really nasty stuff, I guess. And yeah, she cried for a really long time actually,” he said. “To be honest I can’t believe she told someone about it. The whole situation was quite intense. It’s totally weird to make Madonna sob, but even stranger when she tells everyone, ‘Pharrell made me cry’.

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