Madonna joined on stage by TV presenter Anderson Cooper in New York

Cooper and a banana awkwardly join Madonna on stage

Madonna has pulled Anderson Cooper on stage at her concert in New York, dancing with the CNN presenter during her Rebel Heart show at the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn last night (September 19).

US TV presenter Cooper is the anchor on CNN news show Cooper 360.

The presenter looked a touch uncomfortable with this particular type of limelight, though, as Madonna involved him in her routines during the track ‘Unapologetic Bitch’.

Madonna does push ups with Cooper standing over her, then re-brands the track “CNN Unapologetic Bitch,” during a routine that’s become part of her live performance (though doesn’t typically involve a celebrity!)


“You did good, you’re a great man”, Madonna told Cooper, before handing him a banana as a prize. “There are so many things you can do with a banana,” she says. “It’s nutritious, and it can really fill you up. So I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with it.” Cooper then disappeared beneath the stage.

Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ has been underway for a couple of weeks in America, and heads to Europe in November, arriving in the UK in early December.

Madonna’s UK tour dates are as follows:

O2 Arena, London (December 1 and 2)
Manchester Arena (December 14)
Birmingham Arena (December 16)
SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow (December 18)

Watch Cooper’s corner of the concert through fan footage, below: