Madonna in new adoption challenge

Human rights group proceed with petition

Madonna is facing another adoption challenge.

A judge in Malawi has allowed a coalition of human rights groups to proceed with a legal challenge against the singer’s adoption of baby David Banda.

The proceedings are been led by 67 Malawian groups, who lodged a petition before the court last month saying existing legislation didn’t allow for intra-country adoptions.

As previously reported, the singer was granted an 18-month interim custody order which allowed her to take the baby out of the country.

Judge Andrew Nyirenda ruled that the human rights groups could be regarded as “friends of the court”, so they could pursue their application for a full review of the interim custody order.

The groups wanted to be party to the assessment of Madonna’s fitness as a mother. They argued that the government cut legal corners to “fast-track” the adoption, and said regulations must be followed to protect children, BBC NEWS reports.

The singer has denied using her wealth to fast-track the process.