Fans sleep rough for Madonna club tickets

The show at KOKO is this evening

Fans queued overnight in an attempt to get into Madonna’s club show in London tonight.

The date at KOKO (November 15) will see the singer return to the venue where she made her first ever UK appearance back in June 1983. The club was then known as the Camden Palace.

Fans have been told that 200 tickets will be available for free on the door for tonight’s show, prompting many to brave the cold for a night under the stars on one of the chilliest nights of the year to date.

One fan, Ian Bennet told NME: “We started queuing at half nine. This morning was a case of what do I do It’s a great atmosphere down here – we’ve all got our iPods on at the moment with the new album going.”

“I’ve been here since this morning,” Tony Barton added: “It’s a bit cold but we all know each other here through seeing each other at gigs and there’s a quiet anticipation for tonight. This will be my 32nd time I’ve seen Madonna.”

It is expected Madonna will play five songs from her forthcoming album ’Confessions On A Dancefloor’.The album was released yesterday (November 14).