Madonna and David Bowie to star in new film

Snoop Dogg is in it too

Madonna and David Bowie are amongst a host of stars who are set to feature in a new film.

The pair, along with Snoop Dogg, will lend their voices to the upcoming live action/computer-animated fantasy film ‘Arthur And The Minimoys’, which is based on the popular French children’s books by film-maker Luc Besson.

According to Reuters, the story follows ten-year-old Arthur, played by ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’‘s Freddy Highmore, who tries to save the home of his grandmother (Mia Farrow) by searching for his grandfather’s treasure in the land of the tiny Minimoys.

There he finds Princess Selenia (Madonna) and Max (Snoop Dogg), who travel with him to a city ruled by the evil Malthazar (Bowie).

The film has been directed by Besson, who has spent over three years working on it.