The Re-Invention tour is tipped to make an absolute fortune...

MADONNA‘s RE-INVENTION tour, which opened in LOS ANGELES last week (May 24), is on track to be the highest grossing of the year.

Despite only starting a week ago, the tour is set to take around $120 million, with an attendance around the 920,000 mark, according to Reuters.

Unsurprisingly for an artist of such scale, the 120-date tour sold out almost immediately. Interest has also been bolstered by Madonna‘s embracing of her back catalogue, which was mainly absent from her previous ‘Drowned World’ tour.

The show features hits such as ‘Like A Prayer’, ‘Deeper And Deeper’ and ‘Hanky Panky’ alongside newer material.

Special features of the spectacular include a 42ft wide and 10ft high turntable and a series of conveyor belts at the front of the stage. It is also heavy on war-related imagery, echoing last year’s ‘American Life’ album.

Tour Production Manager Chris Lamb said: “That’s Madonna – she’s a perfectionist. This is not a show, not a concert. This is more theatre than rock’n’roll.”

The tour hits the UK in August.